"This is not the painting I was actually making when I made it. I was painting another canvas. This painting was made because I had squeezed out too much yellow paint for the other painting. Rather than let it dry on the palette and waste it, I scraped it off with a palette knife and applied it to this new canvas. So this painting is a sort of eco-accident. It benefits from being allowed to be itself: casual, beautiful and spontaneous." JOHN HYATT

Two Yellow Flowers is part of the The Paint Brush Collection, an exclusive range of scarves, designed in collaboration between the artist and Kopḗ London. Careful consideration has been put into the design process to achieve a balance of artist's sensibilities and Kopḗ aesthetics.

Made In Italy

Rolled Edges

Size : 125 X 125 CM

100% Viscose (Vegan)

Dry Clean Only

Artwork : John Hyatt

Concept & Design : Kopḗ London

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