"Let me say, first of all, that I am now ‘all clear’ of a year of dancing with cancer. Fighting cancer should have been a miserable struggle and it does take you to dark places but the darker the place the brighter the spark of life. Throughout, I just kept painting and this work is part of that adventure. It is a talisman of health. It is a distillation of all the Festivals that I could not go to at the time. It celebrates life itself as a wonderful effusion of music, craziness, diversity, community and joy!" JOHN HYATT

Festival is part of the The Paint Brush Collection, an exclusive range of scarves, designed in collaboration between the artist and Kopḗ London. Careful consideration has been put into the design process to achieve a balance of artist's sensibilities and Kopḗ aesthetics.

Made In Italy

Rolled Edges

Size : 125 X 125 CM

100% Viscose (Vegan)

Dry Clean Only

Artwork : John Hyatt

Concept & Design : Kopḗ London

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