Poncanna Grey Ombré Iti Dots

Poncanna Grey Ombré Iti Dots

This irresistible unisex scarf is handcrafted with utmost care, perseverance and skill by artisans in the Gujarat region of India, each piece is a unique treasure of stories that reminiscence their history and life. The fabric used is exceptionally soft satin gajji silk which is exclusively woven in Gujarat.

A lighter version of our Poncanna Scarf, this piece has nearly 7500 fine dots meticulously tied by women artisans, used as a resist to create the pattern and texture. Each piece takes two - three months to be tied. Once tied, it is sent to male artisans for dyeing using eco-friendly dyes. The cloth sensitively retains the memory of the making process, creating a three dimensional product.

The technique used is popularly know as kanoko shibori, which dates in India from the 5th century and is said to have traveled from India to China and later to Japan.

Enduring in style and quality, this is the ultimate fashion accessory!


Hand Rolled Edges.

100% Silk.

Dry Clean Only.

Do Not Iron.

Size: 40 X 180 cm

Note: The actual fabric size is 65 X 250 cm. Please do not iron to retain the texture.

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