My Hummingbird

My Hummingbird: Original Art

This piece of art is one of our first in-house botanical combine flora with the wildness of nature: here a hummingbird is depicted with an irresistibly colourful nectar rich blossoms. Together the pallet of exotic flora is highlighted in a melody of green, peacock blue, white plump buds and blossoming yellow and fuchsia petals. Combined this creates a work of art that feels as alive and free and a midsummer day.

Hummingbirds hold a rich history in fine art, botanical paintings and Greek mythology.These mysterious birds signify the curiosity of travel and the illustriousness of distant planes, exotic fruits and hot summer days.  The nature of the hummingbird is one that fascinated those in western art. 

This artwork was painted in our London studio on acid free watercolour paper, with watercolour inks, and fine line pen.


Handmade In England

Acid Free Watercolour Paper

Available: Mounted or Unmounted

29.7 X 40 CM (Unmounted)                                                                             

43.7 X 54 CM (Mounted)

Artwork Copyright: Kopé London



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