Meadow Flowers : Original Art

Meadow Flowers : Original Art

A staple for English botanicals, English wild flowers offer a uniquely natural stylisation to any work of art.

The crocus is a flowering plant in the family of saffron, depicted here with deep violet petals and bright yellow stylus. Wild daisies tumble over each other. At the centre of this work is a delicately painted fern leaf. This work comprises meadow flowers in a fresh empty space, arranged like a botanical study. Lightly painted in watercolour with needle fine pen strokes, this fresh and bright piece of art would be a perfect edition to any home.


Handmade In England

Available: Mounted or Unmounted

29.7 X 40 CM (Unmounted)                                                                                 

43.7 X 54 CM (Mounted)

Artwork Copyright: Kopé London

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