Golden Triangle Cashmere Scarf

Golden Triangle Cashmere Scarf

Golden Triangle is one of the pieces from the collection 'Absorbed'. The print is a unique amalgamation of hand and digital processes borrowing from traditional textile techniques of the likes silks screen & block printing, created using a permutation and combination of hand and digital design techniques at the design as well as the execution stages.

Printed on 100% Cashmere, making it the perfect accessory for this season ensuring it will keep you warm and make a statement! The golden yellows along with the navy provide a vibrant color pallet offering multiple styling options and the flexibility to choose which colour to emphasize depending on your outfit. A chic way to accessorize!

At Kopé, we take pride in having a global design conversation by engaging an international community of makers. Made of high quality Cashmere wool that comes from the cashmere goat in the Kashmir region of India - the weave covers the surface with a diamond pattern, a traditional Indian weave, known as 'chashm-e-bulbul', or 'eye of the nightingale'. The fabric is highly sought after for it's extremely lightweight, soft, and durable qualities that draws on generations of ancestral skill.

The scarf comes gift wrapped in a Kopé London embroidered linen bag.

100% Cashmere.

Gently Frayed Edges.

Eco-Friendly Dyes.

Dry Clean Only.


Dimensions: 70 X 200 cm

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