Cashmere Ally Scarf

Cashmere Ally Scarf

Hand crafted with love this scarf is made by beautifully amalgamating two ombre dyed scarves enhanced with potli buttons. The design offers multiple styling options and the flexibility to choose which colour to emphasize depending on your outfit. A chic way to accessorize!

Made of high quality Cashmere wool that comes from the cashmere goat in the Kashmir region of India - the weave covers the surface with a diamond pattern, a traditional Indian weave, known as 'chashm-e-bulbul', or 'eye of the nightingale'. The fabric is highly sought after for it's extremely lightweight, soft, and durable qualities that draws on generations of ancestral skill.

Gently Frayed Edges

Eco-Friendly Dyes

Potli Button Detail


Size : 140 X 200 CM

100% Cashmere

Dry Clean Only

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