Ethics & Sustainability




At Kopé, we are committed to sustainable and ethical methods of production and working directly with the craftspeople/makers enables us to do so. Fair trade is imperative to us and we ensure the artisans/makers are satisfied with our collaboration and are happy creating Kopé products. 

We encourage our artisans to exercise their right to collective bargaining, enabling them to provide for themselves -

  • a healthy environment to work and live 
  • be able to afford the facilities which are important for their health and safety

Wherever subcontracting, we work hands-on to ensure our supply chain operates ethically and that -

  • employment is freely chosen
  • no child labour is used
  • no discrimination, inhumane treatments and excessive work hours are allowed


We pride in designing sustainable and environmental friendly packaging for our scarves. Our Kopé London linen packaging bags are a great way of storing / gift wrapping the scarves and are easily recycled or upcycled. We constantly work towards sourcing biodegradable substitutes for postage bags to minimise waste.

Additionally, we work exclusively with natural fibres and use low impact eco friendly dyes in the printing and dyeing processes. Last but not least, we endorse a 'No Fur Policy' in our company.