Cashmere Care




A treasure for life, our extremely soft cashmere scarf is highly sought after and draws on generations of ancestral skill. We've put together a few simple guidelines to give your scarf the longest possible life. 

AIRING : Airing is to cashmere what avocado is to skin! Whenever possible, let your cashmere air and breathe easy after use, avoiding direct sunlight. Lay flat on a freshly washed towel at room temperature to dry, in case of any exposure to rain/water. Gently iron if and when needed using either cool setting or steam on the iron’s wool setting

DRY CLEAN ONLY : We advise that all our cashmere scarves should be dry cleaned only. Please do not wash, rub or wring.

PILLING : Pilling is a natural process and does not indicate poor quality. It will occur over time as with any soft natural fibre. Carefully and gently de-pill your cashmere scarf with an old blunt pair of scissors in a well lit area whilst laying the scarf on a flat surface. 

MOTHS : Store the cashmere scarf in the Kopé London linen packaging bag as this will protect it from moths and allow the scarf to breathe. Ensure that the scarf has been dry cleaned before storing for long periods of time. Deep clean or wash your wardrobe often, and use anti moth products to protect your favorite  Kopé scarves alongside other valuable garments and textiles.