December 01, 2018

Who Made Your Scarf ?



Kopé believes stridently in craftspeople, who continue to keep traditions alive despite all the hardships. Each piece by Kopé is from a larger material that passes through the hands of many makers who give their time and skills to make magnificent works that become our prized possessionsThe passion they have for their craft is infectious!


As a design focused brand, we feel empowered with the support we get from our artisans. We stronglyfeel that they are an integral support to our practicewith their immaculate workmanship and knowledge that draws on generations of traditional wisdom and ancestral skill.


Working directly with the craftspeople enables us to implement sustainable methods of production and ethical trade policies.  As a company, we always make sure the makers are satisfied in these collaborative processes.


To honour the perseverance and skill of this larger Kopé family, we present a series of hand paintedportraits of our esteemed makers. While photographs would have been an immediate and easy way to tell their story; we feel that these personalised portraits reflect greatly the love and effort that invest into making each piece for us. So, here is our humble tribute with utmost gratitude to the makers who make it happen...


 Ifteqar Mian , Weaving


Faizah Beni, Yarn Spinning